Food Philosophy

My aim is to create original, beautifully crafted food that is inspired by nature, texture, intensity and purity. These four elements inform my approach to cooking.

A Relentless Pursuit For Perfection

Over the years my food philosophy has evolved into a personal style that celebrates being a cook in Australia. It embraces natures diversity and seeks to achieve a sense of balance and purity through produce, technique, texture, flavour and composition.

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Texture has long been the most important element in the development of my dishes. Texture’s role in the┬ásensory nature of eating cannot be understated. How texture’s work together and bring pleasure to the palate is paramount in my mind when creating a new dish.

Intensity of flavour where strong, clear, natural flavours are at the fore and where flavours build on each other and harmonise to create distinctive flavour memories is my objective.

For me purity represents harmony and balance; when all the elements in a dish come together to create something special. It is when textures and flavours are aligned and create something greater than the sum of their parts – something new, something pure.

When I create a new dish I draw upon my life experiences, taste memories and my imagination. I’m guided and informed by my food philosophy and aim to create dishes that are unique.


Nature and the natural world is such a strong inspiration for many of my dishes. Working my own test garden over the last 9 years I have developed a deep appreciation and wonder for nature. The intricacies of the life cycle of plants, their various forms, shapes, textures and flavours, provide an endless range of possibilities.

One of my aims is to reflect's beauty and sense of wonder in my dishes.


Texture has long been one of the most important elements in the development of my dishes. Texture’s role in the pleasure it brings the palate cannot be underestimated. As an example I always think what is the most pleasurable thing about eating ice cream? Is it the flavour or is it the texture and mouth feel that we respond to? Getting the degrees of texture right within a dish and how texture can be combined and layered to bring pleasure to the eating experience is a powerful skill to master.

The role of texture is of paramount importance in many traditional Asian cuisines. The influence of which has informed my food in a profound way.


The flavour intensity of a dish has the power to transport you. Along with aroma the sense of taste can stir memories of time, place and feelings. The impact of a particular flavour or smell can last in your memory for an incredibly long time.

For me, the skill of a chef to intensify and blend flavours to create a new sensation is akin to alchemy.


What I mean by purity is a sense of balance and harmony within a dish. When all the elements come together perfectly, when the selection of ingredients and the nature of those ingredients are fully expressed through considered technique.

Purity is the magic that happens when all the parts and components of a dish come together and create something new ... something pure.